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Rules for Chatters

1. Spamming is not allowed in this chat. You are allowed six extra punctuations or letters in a word, you can caps six words per sentence and or you can bold six words in a sentence. If a Administrator or Moderator feels you have gone overboard with stretching, using caps, or using bold they are allowed to take action even if you are inside the six. 6 all around unless its abused.

2. This is not a cyber chat. We encourage you to create relationships with your fellow chatters, however, do not make our room into a dating hub.

3. Watch what you say in this chat. We don't say no to cursing, but sometimes enough is enough. If we feel you are cursing too much, we WILL take action.

4. No advertising. By this, we mean do not come in here and say something to the effect of "Everyone should come #Here". This is not saying you cannot say the name of any room by any means. If a moderator, Council member or Administrator feels you are overly posting or advertising a room, they will begin the "Three strikes" method.

5. Foreign languages in RainbowSanctuary are allowed, however, they must obey all dAmn rules. Should we find you've broken these rules, we will begin the "Three Strikes" method.
6. There will be no tolerance for anyone being overly 'emo', suicidal or homicidal. If you are seen acting over emotional and depressive, talking about suicide or talking about ending another human's life or harming any creature you will be kicked out of the chat or placed in the Silenced group. Exhibiting such behavior brings down the other chatters. Don't do it in our room. Do not mistake this for being unable to talk about your problems in our chatroom; we just don't need depressive, suicidal, homicidal, people talking about their problems in our room.

7. There will be no tolerance of anyone talking about, or referring to rape in a manner a Administrator or Moderator considers to be joking or in bad taste. Furthermore, you may not behave in a manner a Administrator or Moderator considers to be inappropriately sexual or sexual harassment. This behavior is inappropriate and will be dealt with immediately."

8. Use of the Ignore command is forbidden when being employed against an Administrator, Council member, or Moderator, as well as when being employed by an Administrator, Council member, or Moderator.

9. Please refrain from "chatspeak"/"netspeak" (acronyms are okay, but do not write things such as "u" instead of "you" or "r" instead of "are")."

10. If you have an away message up in our room then you need to be away. If you are going to continue holding conversation with people in the room, while your away message is up, you will be told to turn it off. This is considered spam.11. If you are in #RainbowSanctuary under one account you are not allowed to enter the room under a different account. This is unnecessary. One, or both of your accounts may be kicked for doing this. Additionally, using a separate account to bypass a ban will result in the offending account(s) being banned as well.

Rules for Moderators/RainbowCouncil/Supervisors

1. Being given the ability to kick, promote, silence, ban, etc. etc. in our room is a privilege. This ability is granted to certain chatters who have expressed a desire to help the Founders moderate #RainbowSanctuary. Abuse of this ability will result in an automatic demotion. If you are a moderator you will not be warned of this demotion; you are expected to know how to do your job and expected to refrain from abusing your position. If you are an MIT you will receive one warning.

2. If you serve on the Moderator or MIT team it is your job to moderate #RainbowSanctuary. Excessive idling or absence from #RainbowSanctuary will result in demotion to a regular class of the room. You were promoted for a reason. Please perform the duties for which you are responsible or respectfully step down.


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StrawberryFanGirl Featured By Owner May 22, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
Heyy, how do I get added to the groups so I am not just a "Guest"?
TheLastBlackFairy Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2011  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
talk to a moderator and tell them what category you want to be in.
will235brn Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2011
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Squeebblo Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2010
im so sorry i wrote back so late hunn um butt helllo to you
kwhittski Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2010   Digital Artist
That's ok[link]
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Squeebblo Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2009
hi i really neww here and i just wannted to say hi my names chiko
The-Last-Century Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2009   Writer
Seriously unblock me -.-... i i didnt actually mean the suicide thing called a joke! AH!
chaunte Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2009
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